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Reading spigot is at full draw 
11th-Mar-2011 12:30 am
Cameron has a special cackle of delight reserved for when he figures something out really cool. It is a mixture of appreciation for the coolness of the thing combined with pride at having figured it out. I love it.

Tonight I heard it several times when Cameron read, from start to finish, Green Eggs and Ham. Granted, he is quite familiar with this book, and has a very good memory, but we haven't read the book in several months and he was really reading, pointing to words with his finger as he said them and backtracking when he realized he'd said a wrong word from memory that did not match what was on the page. He'd reach the end of a page and look up at me, eyes shining: "Ha-ha-hah!!" He was so pleased with himself at having seen, truly seen, that the page really does say those words and he read them. So awesome.

(As a side note, I realized tonight that every single word of that book is one syllable, which is quite remarkable in a 60-page book!)

He reads pretty much everything he sees. Cereal boxes, signs, ads in magazines, etc. He impressed the heck out of one of the cleaners today, Candice, because she overheard him reading his Sesame Street alphabet cards and quoted him later: "The 'G' card doesn't have Georgia on it!" He'd gone through each card and read it top to bottom, adding comments like that and suggesting other words he knew that started with that letter. Really fun.
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